“I Guess I Robbed a Bank” published by Good Guy Publishing

Writers sometimes get an “us versus them” attitude toward the editors to whom we send our work.  But I have found an editor that is such a pleasure to work with, I almost stopped caring what happened to my submission.  Meet editor and author Graham Taylor at Good Guy Publishing in the U.K.  We had many emails go back and forth over a few months, and each of his quick responses and warm greetings left me feeling glad that I’d connected with GGP.  It was frosting on the cake when I squeaked in as a finalist in the Flashy Shorts 2 contest.  I highly recommend writers check them out.

Flashy Shorts?!  People displaying their colorful underwear?

colorful_beach_shortsNo, that’s the name of one of GGP’s many competitions, accepting Flash Fiction (500 word max) and Short Story (5,000 word max) entries.  It was hard to find places looking for “long short stories”, but I discovered GGP via a Google search on short story markets, and why wouldn’t I want to do business with a Good Guy?  I sent in “I Guess I Robbed a Bank” after getting the go-ahead from Graham by email, but frankly, I didn’t know I’d actually entered a  competition until they said I was one of the finalists. (Perhaps everything submitted is considered an entry to a competition?)

Flashy Shorts 2
Flashy Shorts 2

Hyperventilating at a hyperlink

You can buy Flashy Shorts 2 at Amazon, here.  (That link goes to Amazon.com, rather than the Amazon.co.uk address, because you may have an easier time buying it through Amazon.com.)

Please bear with me in my !!! ExCiTeMeNt !!!.  This is a first for me, my name being listed (even hyperlinked!) on AMAZON as an author.   In an odd coincidence, this is the second short story of mine published in June/July 2013, both written in 2007 while I was out of town on a holiday, both inspired from a writing prompt in The Writer’s Book of Matches.  I’ll have to do some analysis and try to recreate the environment that was so full of creativity.

So do check out Good Guy Publishing, and their many publications.   Here are the opening sentences of “I Guess I Robbed a Bank”.  Maybe they will inspire you to read the rest!

While Veronica waited at the police station for the administrator to return with the documents, she massaged her wrists beneath the handcuffs.  She noticed that a man at the counter kept looking at her.  Well, no wonder.  Her jeans were ripped at the knees and dried blood stained the denim around an ugly wound.  Frightening tattoos decorated the full length of both arms, and sliding tears had left tracks through the pink and blue butterflies on her cheeks…

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