Publishing Credits

Famous Black Canadians (Black History in Canada series), Saunders/Beech Street Books/Coast2Coast2Coast

Chinese Immigrants in Canada (Immigration to Canada – Then and Now series), Saunders/Beech Street Books/Coast2Coast2Coast

Respect Our World: Sustainability (To Be Canadian series), Saunders/Beech Street Books/True North


“How to Spy on a Whale”, purchased by Highlights for Children 

“Used With Permission”, Encounter: The Magazine

Bedtime Prayer”, Clubhouse Jr

“Book Review of Young at Heart by Violet Ramos”, Fellowscript Magazine

Who Brought the Turnips?”, Guide

Paper Folding Challenge”, Highlights for Children

Watchdogs of the ‘M’”, Mines Magazine


“I Guess I Robbed a Bank”, Flashy Shorts 2

“Inclement Weather”,  The Storyteller

“Still Praying After All These Years”, Love is a Verb Devotional, Bethany House

“The Chutes”, page 1  page 2 ,  Treasures Along the Fenceline

Biographical article, page 1  page 2 ,  A Century of Women at Mines

Poems and art, High Grade (Colorado School of Mines literary magazine)

Adventure Math Stories, 4 short stories with math problems, a math supplement for grade 4-6 math students (50 pages)

Celebrating Friendships, College alumnae reunion book (30 pages), compiled, published and distributed


Monthly articles on Inscribe Writers Online blog content and editing

“Fun Bible Study Activities”, ehow

What is the Role of a Document Controller?”,ehow

“Holiday for the Spirit” [Part 1, Part 2], City Light News

Twelve Things we can Learn from Romance Movies”, ARWA Connections newsletter

“How I Managed”, Personal Report for the Administrative Professional

Regular column and feature article in Volunteers Newsletter, Metropolitan Calgary Foundation

Regular column in The Oredigger, student newspaper for Colorado School of Mines (college)

“Finals Break Refreshers” article, co-author, The Oredigger

4 thoughts on “Publishing Credits

  1. Hi Ramona – Wow, I’m impressed. I knew you wrote and had been published but I never exected this many credits.

    1. Aw, thanks Pete, but don’t be TOO impressed. Now you make sure you submit that story you were telling me about and I’ll be happy to find you some possible markets!

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