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Respect Our World: Sustainability

My children’s educational book Respect Our World: Sustainability was published by Beech Street Books.

It is one book in a series called “To Be Canadian,” and is written for children between kindergarten and grade 3. It touches on the ways that Canadians create sustainable living for wildlife, sustainable methods to ensure clean air and water, and a sustainable future in light of climate change. It includes recommended further reading and websites, as well as a glossary of key vocabulary.

You can find the series at Beech Street Books‘ website and order from there. Or you can buy or order the book from McNally Robinson, Renaud-Bray or Chapters Indigo.


Adventure Math Stories

My children’s educational book, Adventure Math Stories, is a 50-page interactive book designed for children in grades 4 to 6. It is four separate fiction stories with their pages mixed up, and a math problem at the bottom of each page. The solution to the math problem gives you the next page in the story. It includes an answer sheet.

My intention for this book was that reluctant or struggling math students would enjoy reading to the cliffhanger at the bottom of each page, and be inspired to practice their math skills in order to finish the story.






Adventure Math Stories can be ordered by contacting me. Just fill out your contact information here.




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