Hi!  I’m Ramona, and I created this website because everybody said that if you call yourself a writer you should have a website and blog!

I’ve enjoyed writing since I was about eleven years old, when I started making up stories about cats, typing poems on my mom’s typewriter, and got my first diary. When I was about forty I noticed that for a long time I’d been looking forward to being retired and in my eighties when I would finally have the time to start being a writer. Then I said to myself, “Well, I’m not retired yet, but I guess there’s nothing wrong with starting to learn how to write!” At that point I started reading every how-to-write book I could get my hands on and taking writing courses.

I love children and fun and science, so I enjoy writing for children’s magazines and a few of my stories and articles have been published. I naturally veer toward romance when I write, and two of my favorite short stories have been published (still trying to find a home for those novels!). I have enjoyed participating in writer’s groups and conferences, and writing on other blogs. The publishing industry is pretty wild and crazy right now, but it’s exciting to see how many options writers have for getting their thoughts out there!


I’m not 100% sure that I agree with the idea that all writers need a website or blog, but it has been fun to share my thoughts and connect with readers and other writers (THANK YOU!). At times, I feel like I give all my mental energy at the office (or in my case, the school), and don’t get much writing done. I always have energy to read, though, so I started writing posts about books, and eventually realized that I needed a focus.

I asked myself, “What unique reading interests do I have?”, and realized that unlike most people, I am attracted to OLD books. So, I started sharing my enthusiasm about books that are close to a hundred years old. I like classic, vintage or antiquarian books of fiction (especially romance), children’s stories or poems, and Christianity.


My faith is a continual well of joy in my life, and I am fascinated by the faith journeys I read about in fiction or non-fiction. I want to know about the spiritual life of those who lived in completely different centuries, customs, cultures, locations, and circumstances. The inspiration and wisdom gained from walking with God in quiet conversation, reading the Bible, and hearing others’ experiences is timeless and boundless. To me, the quality of writing and depth of thought in the older books surpasses that in contemporary books, and is a thing of beauty.


Because I love learning, my original life plan was to be a teacher, but I impulsively changed my mind and got my degree in Engineering Math.  I grew up in Denver, Colorado, and now live in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, nice and close to a beautiful park and river with interesting wildlife at hand, and happy to have my two grown sons and daughter-in-law nearby. When not writing, reading, socializing or teaching little kids, I enjoy walking and hiking in our gorgeous Canadian Rockies, photography, learning about natural health, treasure-hunting at thrift stores and used bookstores, and surfing the internet to satisfy my endless curiosity.

And you…?  I’d love to meet you and hear your story!  Feel free to send me an email using the contact form below! Thanks for reading!


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