Used Book Sales


Ever since the end of winter I’ve looked forward to the giant used book sales held every spring. I admit that I go for the joy of being surrounded by so many books and so many book lovers. And this year the shoppers included plenty of young girls and boys who were just as intense and excited as their parents at finding their own treasures. That was a bonus thrill.

I don’t need any more books, of course. I need less books because I’ve started to set stacks of books beside my bookcase. But I do now have a strategy when I go to these sales. I head straight for the “antique” book section, and there I focus on the old children’s books first, and then all the rest. After that, I browse quickly through the other sections, slowing down at the health, Christian and writing books, and settling in at the children’s books.

Last Friday I used some banked time to leave work 2 hours early in order to beat the weekend rush to the first weekend of the SAS sale at Crossroads Market. And the place was already packed!

Here is one of my new treasures:

     Have you ever seen anything like this?

It’s a Christmas Keepsake “book” that opens up to a collection of Christmas ornaments…

…which are small, very-condensed classic books.

It has a publication date of 2000, and is well-protected by plastic film that can be opened and closed as you look at the books.

It can be used as an advent calendar…

…you find each day’s book, read it, and then hang it on the tree. Ingenious!

I’ll be posting more of my gems soon.

Now let me ask you…

…do you have some gems that you’ve picked up while treasure-hunting? Do share!  Titles, years, photos…we want to enjoy them with you!

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