The Latest Happenings

It was exciting to receive my author copies for my third book!  I am currently at work on an educational book involving math.

If you have any interest in writing children’s education books, I recommend Evelyn Christenson’s website, which not only has a list of organizations to contact, it also has tips and more.

I LOVE being a grandma! I love every minute with my grandson. I’ve never seen a little one-year-old run and smile and laugh so much. He loves parties, cooking and kitchens, music and reading books. How can grandchildren bring such joy just by being?

AND…I’m still LOVING going to school and spending the whole day teaching and supporting sweet, enthusiastic, respectful, hardworking students. As I mentioned before, I also enjoy the entertainment value of working in an office across from the restrooms. I have the fun of listening to the kindergarten teachers’ variety of character-building moments during whole-class bathroom breaks!


Do check out some of my posts here, and on the Inscribe Writers Blog on my blogroll.  I’d love to hear from you—just leave a comment!

Thank you to all of you who have connected with me here–it makes writing so much more fun, and I’m enjoying your posts, too.

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