The Latest Happenings

I’m happily writing non-fiction!

I recently had the joy of writing a children’s book on the environment in a work-for-hire arrangement. It was something I had wanted to become involved with for a while because I do NOT like wandering around in the black hole of finding markets for my writing. In this kind of arrangement, the publisher or book packager knows exactly what they want to publish, so all I have to do is research and write. About 6 months after I sent my resume to an organization I learned about through the Children’s Writer newsletter, they contacted me with the offer to work on one of their projects. I knew I liked to research, but didn’t know how much!

The project was a very quick turnaround–read: rush rush RUSH! In the midst of it, coming home evenings from my day job and working way past my bedtime, it felt pretty challenging. Did I use the correct formatting for the footnotes? Do I have enough books to recommend “For Further Reading”? Is the text readable for kindergarten to third graders? Is this a good anecdote for one of the sidebars? What exactly is an “infographic”, and do I have to draw it? But ever so often I’d take a deep breath and say to myself, “Wow, this is FUN!” My manuscript has been accepted, I’ve received my cheque, and now I have the long wait to see the final project. What a great experience it has been!

I also had the thrill–between submitting the first draft of the children’s book and waiting for their feedback–of doing an interview with an accomplished scientist, something I’ve never done, but which turned out to be a great experience. The interview was required for a non-fiction science article I’m working on for a children’s magazine, and I hope to be successful at getting it published.

I just came home from the library with an armload of books including one on tiny houses, two humorous contemporary fiction books, yet another book on happiness, two writing books and a biography about a discovered diary. In order to try to have a focus in this blog, I continue to post mostly about the fascinating old, antique, vintage books–50, 80, 100 years old or older. But I will be including some great contemporary book reviews, too!

Other happy news: Encounter purchased my teen story and published it in their summer 2016 issue!  This is the story I wrote about in my post, “One Story’s Path to Publication“.  (For once, I actually appreciate the U.S./Canadian exchange rate, which made my pay almost 1-1/2 times what I expected!)

Do check out some of my posts here, and on the Inscribe Writers Blog on my blogroll.  I’d love to hear from you—just leave a comment!

Thank you to all of you who have connected with me here–it makes writing so much more fun, and I’m enjoying your posts, too.


  1. Ramona, I enjoyed my little visit to your site. I like your blog name ‘ happily writing’ and it was fun to see the list of projects you are happily working on these days.

    • Just still running across your name here, Brenda–thanks again for all the support with the Inscribe blogs and for being my first comment-er!!

  2. So good to finally meet you – I have seen you writing for Inscribe but never found a link. Glad to meet another children’s writer. Please visit my website

  3. Ramona,
    Can you put a subscribe icon so people can get your posts? So happy you checked out my “art blog”. Thank you for your kind comments. You made my day!

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