The Latest Happenings

It’s spring, and for the third year in a row, I’ve almost finished another children’s educational book for Red Line Editorial. It has been the most interesting and enjoyable one so far, probably because it was a series of biographies. I’ll write more details later.

And I’m SOOOOO enjoying being a grandma! I love every minute with him. I’ve never seen a baby smile and laugh so much. He loves people, music and listening to people talk (and read books to him!). Could there be any greater joy?

Also, a first for me, I traveled across two oceans last year. First I crossed the Pacific to visit my dear friend in Hawaii, who lives in a quiet rural area with solar electricity and a view of the ocean. I so enjoyed partaking in the quiet, simple, organic lifestyle.

IMG_1045 cr.jpg

Then I went over the Atlantic to meet my German relatives, visit my mother’s little hometown in the Bavarian Forest on the border of the Czech Republic, and take a tour around Germany. How precious to be part of this lovely family with 4-generations in one house. And what happiness to help my mom and her sister have a video call and see each other for the first time in 40 years!

IMG_1689 (2) sm.jpg

The beautiful small towns with their red roofs and church spires that dotted the foothills, the art and architecture and castles, and learning the history and determination of the German people–while traveling with my best friend since I was 9 years old!–all gave me such a thrill and great pride at my heritage.

20180729 IMG_1798.JPG

My writing time has been curtailed, but I am still excited to work on writing projects when I get the time.

Last year’s book project was “Immigration to Canada – Then and Now” series of educational books published by Beech Street books, entitled Chinese Immigrants in Canada.  It was published in August 2018, and I wrote about it here.

My post on the first book, Respect Our World: Sustainability, is here.

If you have any interest in writing children’s education books, I recommend Evelyn Christenson’s website, which not only has a list of organizations to contact, it also has tips and more.

AND…I’m still LOVING going to school and spending the whole day teaching and supporting sweet, enthusiastic, respectful, hardworking students. As I mentioned before, I also enjoy the entertainment value of working in an office across from the restrooms. I have the fun of listening to the kindergarten teachers’ variety of character-building moments during whole-class bathroom breaks!


Do check out some of my posts here, and on the Inscribe Writers Blog on my blogroll.  I’d love to hear from you—just leave a comment!

Thank you to all of you who have connected with me here–it makes writing so much more fun, and I’m enjoying your posts, too.


  1. Ramona, I enjoyed my little visit to your site. I like your blog name ‘ happily writing’ and it was fun to see the list of projects you are happily working on these days.

    • Just still running across your name here, Brenda–thanks again for all the support with the Inscribe blogs and for being my first comment-er!!

  2. So good to finally meet you – I have seen you writing for Inscribe but never found a link. Glad to meet another children’s writer. Please visit my website

  3. Ramona,
    Can you put a subscribe icon so people can get your posts? So happy you checked out my “art blog”. Thank you for your kind comments. You made my day!

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