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Summer Reads–Don’t Miss the Greatest Books

If you’re looking for some summer reads, may I recommend this list? The Greatest Books If you haven’t already discovered some of these, you don’t want to miss out on some excellent literature. Many years ago I found a similar list. With a goal of reading one or two from the list each year, I …

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What to Read Next?

How do you decide what to read? Do you scan the latest bestseller lists? Do you have a library of unread books where you just close your eyes and reach for one? Does a friend inspire you to read the great book they just finished? I had a lot of time to ponder this question …

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5 Hours in the Library and No Reading Allowed

Our grade 12 students did their final exams last week and I helped supervise the tests. I was with students in the library, and as supervisors, our job is to move among the students to ensure security, so we are not allowed to sit, catch up on our work, or check emails. Or read!   …

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