The Story of the Irritated Eagle

Me: (craning my neck to get a good shot between the branches)

Eagle: Hey! Quit buggin’ me!

Me: What, are you kidding me? How can I bug you when you’re sixty feet above me?! My zoom lens can hardly see you!

Eagle: (glares, ruffles white tail feathers, rolls his eyes)

Me: Anyway, I only got here 2 minutes ago. You know, some of your friends have posed for me for an hour.

Eagle: I’m blowing this popsicle stand. (Hops off the branch and flaps his wings, heading north)

Me: Sorry you feel that way. But hey, thanks for the “eagle-in-flight” photo ops!

Eagle: (swooping down to the river)

Me: Hey, what are you doing? Watch out for the bridge!

Eagle: Whoa! (quickly adjusts his trajectory to go UNDER the bridge)

Eagle: …er, I mean… Don’t you think I know there’s a bridge?! I was just trying to get a rise out of these ducks, heh heh.

Eagle: Look at them freaking out, scattering everywhere! I love it!

Eagle: Oops! Got my wing wet!

Eagle: (rises up from the river, executes a graceful circle and lands on the branch of a tree)

Eagle: (preening)

Me: (reaching the bridge) Thanks for landing right next to the bridge. Now we’re almost at the same level. Such a photo op!

Eagle: What the heck? You again?!

Me: (taking ten steps closer) Yes, it’s me again. Now, just stay still for a few more minutes so I can get some good shots.

Me: (snap, snap, snap)

Eagle: (posing) Actually, I do look pretty good today, I must admit.

Me: (taking ten steps closer) (snap, snap, snap)

Eagle: That’s close enough. Don’t come any closer.

Me: (taking ten steps closer) Sorry but it’s a win-win situation for me, whether you’re sitting or flying. You really are in rare form today.

Eagle: Yes, did you notice how white my tail feathers are today?

Me: I certainly did. You’re beautiful as always. I really appreciate you letting me get this close.

Eagle: Okay, don’t get sappy. I’m outa here.

I’m going back to my favorite tree. And don’t follow me this time!

Me: Very graceful take-off! I got some good shots, most appreciated. See ya next time!

Me: (Watching his unhurried glide far down the river.)

Eagle: (Lands on a top branch of the same tree as before.) (Sighs) Glad that’s over. They say it’s good for public relations. Now I can focus on those trout… here fishy fishy!