It is spring time in my new home! A pleasant warmth is filling the air and fresh colors are emerging from the hibernating plants, all a couple months earlier than I’ve what I’ve been used to for the past few decades. And I finally have a weeping willow!

The daffodils preempted all others in their impatience to usher in spring, and the scent of wild chives surrounds me on all sides of the walking path.

Ah, the relief of spring!

This year I am experiencing more kinds of relief than just the climate: the relief of feeling settled after a major move, expectant, and full of faith for guidance into the future.

As an example, I have gone from this…

…to this:

By the way, in case you haven’t already seen them, here are some more photos from my new area, taken over the holidays. I think they convey some of the down-to-earth warmth I so enjoy here!

It’s a transition time for me, and one of the ways I try to make sense of what’s going on in life is to write down my experiences.

Most of the time I analyze first, then write. But I am having trouble analyzing what’s been going on recently, so I think I’ll write first (and wait for the analysis to show up later on its own!).

I’m calling this set of ponderings “The 14th Hole”, named after my usual walking path through a golf course (which is highly conducive to pondering!).

I invite you to join me in taking a look at the transitions in our lives, and hope you’ll feel free to share your own thoughts and experiences, too!

As always, I am thrilled to get in touch with you, and the “Leave a Reply” comments section below is a great way to comment and contact me.

Here’s wishing you a vibrant springtime, regardless of what climate you live in!

Photo credits:

Daffodils creative commons image from PxHere

Wild chives creative commons image from the Rogersville Review

Apartment mailboxes creative commons image from

14th hole sign creative commons image from Wikimedia

[Weeping willow tree and mailbox images are photos by me]