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Book Review of A Year with G.K. Chesterton

At present, he is one of the few interesting writers in contemporary literature, with something to say…and the power of compelling a jaded and tired age to listen to his voice. From The Bookman (1903) A Year with G.K. Chesterton , edited by Kevin Belmonte, is a daily dose of writings by an author who …

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Book Review of Surprised by Laughter: the Comic World of C.S. Lewis by Terry Lindvall, PH.D.

Every thing about this book cover and title appealed to me: “Surprised”, “Laughter”—I love surprises and love to laugh; “Comic”—right up there with laughter; “C.S. Lewis”—one of my favorite authors ever; and the cover, showing the juvenile markings of kooky glasses, a spiralling moustache and a goatee on the photograph of C.S. Lewis. I imagined …

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