Book Review of This Day: A Collection of Simple Prayers

As I mentioned in my last post, I have a new treasure that I picked up recently at my favorite used bookstore, Better Books and Bibles.  It was made from prayers used in the Daily Broadcast Service of the BBC radio program, compiled by an unnamed and un-credited person.  There are no dates that I can find anywhere in the book, which I find intriguing, but according to the National Trust Collections and other resources, it was published in 1928 or 1929 by St. Martin’s Review, London.

IMG_0004 title only


After some searching, I found that Hugh Liddon Johnston is credited with being the compiler.  I wonder why his name wasn’t listed.  Perhaps it was his own humble choice?  Or the publisher’s?  A similar book of his, When Two or Three, was published in 1932 as a new version of This Day; and a later version of This Day was apparently published in 1953.


The Reverend H.R.L. Sheppard, who wrote the introduction, conducted the first church worship service ever broadcast on BBC radio on January 6, 1924 at St. Martin-in-the-Fields Church, in London.  You can find a fascinating and inspiring biography of him here.  He “preached in a style that made Christianity live for the ordinary listener.”  Amazingly, and fortunately, the Daily Service is still broadcast on BBC, here.

IMG_0009 introIMG_0010 intro pg 2

This is one of those books that looks pretty ragged on the outside (which isn’t surprising, being 86 years old and originating in London, England), but brand new on the inside and perfectly relevant to today.

In its 70 pages, each containing three separate entries, are one-sentence prayers focused on a short phrase of scripture.  What a simple and valuable way of praying, to be reading at any point in the Bible, and to stop at one place to speak to God.

IMG_0011 p8&9

In fact, lately, even before picking up This Day, my own scripture reading has naturally merged with prayer.  I always have questions to ask the Lord, but I also make comments and just start talking about my own thoughts and related ideas.  This book is a great starting point for that kind of lovely time with God.

It is not easy to buy, however.  Amazon U.K. lists This Day and When Two or Three, but shows all the volumes as not currently available.  But you can enjoy some of these images as inspiration for personalizing your own scripture reading and prayer times, and I hope you do!

Better Books and Bibles store in Calgary

One of my favorite places in this whole city is a particular bookstore, which has not only new books, but also used books, and not only that but also Christian books.  I consider it a Mecca for booklovers and treasure hunters.  Last week I treated myself to a browsing session at their new location.

They are easily accessible on 16th Avenue NW, not too far north of downtown.  If you’re anywhere near Peter’s Drive-In, SAIT or Motel Village, you’re just minutes away from Better Books and Bibles, a couple of doors down from White’s Flowers.  It is interesting that the shop next door to the east, formerly a house, used to be one of the biggest and best used bookstores ever.

You are welcome to bring in used books you no longer want, and with certain titles and authors you can either receive cash for them, or exchange them. In the New Book section, their theme is “Better Books”. They also have a great selection of Bibles, audiobooks, CDs and DVDs. It is also a great resource for church leaders to support the needs of a congregation.

I had a chat with David, the manager, who said that some customers found them through my previous blog post, which is wonderful, and I hope many more find them here!

bannerThe prices at Better Books and Bibles are more than reasonable, and lower than most used bookstores.  Of course I couldn’t leave without a treasure.  I found a copy of  This Day: A Collection of Simple Prayers.  (David gave me a great deal on it since it was my first time in the new store!)  I will be posting a review and some images soon.

Here’s how you can reach the store:

Website and email: (you can send them a message on the contact section of their website)

Phone: (403) 233-2409

Facebook: or

Address: 636 16 Ave NW, Calgary, Alberta   (SEE MAPS BELOW)

(Parking in the back, accessible from the alley)


There are 2 maps below, and a “touched up” Google street view image.

Do drop by and check out the riches of this store and the friendly staff!

contact info & sm map Google street view edited bigger map

Better Books and Bibles, a Bookstore in Calgary


“Endeavouring to bring you treasures, both old and new”

I am delighted that there is a new bookstore in Calgary, which is not only new books, but also used books, and not only that but also Christian books. What more could I want?

When Pilgrim Books closed in 2011 after 25 years of business, I was shocked. Weren’t there plenty of people like me who considered it a Mecca for booklovers and treasure hunters? I felt a bit lost, and the more I thought about it, the more I realized it had been my ultimate destination in the city, and I’d miss the women that worked there.

Then I read a blurb in City Light News about Better Books and Bibles, a store that had purchased much of the stock of Pilgrim Books. Yahoo!

The store is easily accessible, at 636 16th Avenue NW, near Peter’s Drive-In, SAIT or Motel Village, a couple of doors down from White’s Flowers. It is full of treasures, as I’d hoped it would be. Robert greeted me as I paid my first visit and he gave me a quick tour. I surveyed the colorful shiny new books in the entranceway, and I found the store filled with cozy nooks and inviting little rooms for various categories. Later, Robert introduced me to David, the manager. I recognized some of my “old friends” and eventually (I was there for over an hour) brought some of them home with me.

The prices are more than reasonable, comparable to the former Pilgrim Books and lower than most used bookstores. Here’s how you can reach Better Books and Bibles:

Website and email: ,
Phone: (403) 233-2409

Do drop by and check out the riches of this store and the friendly staff.