Guardian Angel Children’s Book Publisher – Guidelines

If you have written a children’s book, you may want to consider submitting it to Guardian Angel for consideration next summer.  I am impressed with this publisher, whose mandate is to change the world by investing in children, one child at a time. “We want the seeds of the influence from our books to live longer than we do, building a harvest of knowledge and vibrant faith that will help transform a time we may never see.”

I have made a copy of their guidelines, and did substantial re-formatting to make it easier to read, so I thought I’d make my copy available.  Here are the Guardian Angel Submission Guidelines:

Guardian Angel banner


Emailed manuscript attachments are ONLY accepted in this open submission time period;

no submissions are accepted after September 1st, until June 1st of the next year.
Guardian Angel publishes books that encourage principles of positive growth for children, sharing and caring, and healthy attitudes.
Guardian Angel Publishing is BOTH an eBook publisher and print publisher and will sell and distribute your book for sale with online worldwide English speaking countries, internet stores, and in some brick and mortar stores.

Guardian Angel does not accept paper submissions.

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 Accepted Categories:

We are looking for these types of Children’s Books only. We are unique in our genres of kids books.
Academic Wings books will include the broad subject matters of English, Health, Math, History, Science and Reading. These educational books may be presented as easy readers, storybooks, articles, chapter books and musical eBooks with numerous teaching aids, such as study guides, puzzles, crossword puzzles, seek and finds, word searches, picture seeks, definition match ups and more. Teachers are also invited to submit. Academic Wings
Angelic Harmony Musical E-Picture Books. Print books too! Check out our inventory for the type of books we are looking for. Can you write music? Got a musical eBook to submit but need pictures? If we don’t have one in our queue, your book might be right for us. We have added plays and musicals for schools and churches to celebrate seasons and Holy Days. See our titles Angelic Harmony
Angel to Angel we are excited about an imprint for kids writing and illustrating for kids. Kids 12 and under are encouraged to write a story and illustrate it for publication. Some of these young authors may be “discovered” from Young Author Contests at elementary schools across the country or author visits. If you are a teacher/administrator wishing to participate in such a contest, check out our page Angel to Angel
Guardian Angel Chapbooks for Tweens These chapter books are longer and are for our older readers but not quite teens! Chapbooks for Tweens should have 8-10 chapters for early chapter books and about 50,000 maximum word count for our older readers. NO Y/A, NO SEX, NO VIOLENCE and NO BAD VOCABULARY! Chapbooks for Tweens
Guardian Angel Health & Hygiene books teach our children about health and hygiene. Our books instruct and explore healthy attitudes for kids of all ages. It will deal with all sorts of health issues affecting our children today. Health & Hygiene

Guardian Angel Animals & Pets picture books and story books about our furry and feathered friends, and personal books for the pets in our lives. They may be fiction or nonfiction stories of heroic, faithful, heartwarming stories about our animal friends. Don’t  forget we have great staff artists to create your angelic pet illustrations. Animals & Pets
Littlest Angels are also simple concept picture books and easy readers for learning, sharing and caring for the younger ones in our lives. Younger readers will enjoy and learn from  picture books. Littlest Angels
Wings of Faith -faith-based storybooks and picture books for kids of all ages even twixt and tweens! They teach simple life lessons. Look at our Wings of Faith page for examples of upcoming series. Wings of Faith
Spanish Editions some of our books are translated into Spanish editions. Some of our books will be trilingual English, Spanish and French. Spanish Editions


      Pretty pens



All of our books are for children: aged toddler to primary middle grade readers (0-12 yrs). Please do not send:

  • adult books or adult subject matter,
  • Y/A or romance genre,
  • board books
  • submissions of 100 words or less.


Email Format:

  • Please put the title of your story in the Subject of the email.
  • Send submission attachments with the Title of the story used as the name of the file
  • Always send an email message in the body of your email along with your submission. (Any submissions received without this, will be deleted as a suspected virus.)
  • All that is required in the body of your email is the usual common courtesies and a small paragraph stating that you are enclosing a submission for evaluation, and a manuscript is attached.
  • We do not need to see a wordy query, it’s the story that is important.
  • Please also include the genre, and approximate word/page count.
  • Please keep us informed of a viable email address.
  • To prevent having to wait in the queue twice, please send only one email: your complete manuscript as an email attachment, with a message in the body of the email.
  • Please attach one single book file attachment to a query email.
  • Do not send multiple mss submissions in one email.
  • Multiple submissions of the same book to multiple publishers are not accepted.
  • Send all email submissions to: (please note: there is an understroke (not a space) between the words: editorial_staff)
  • Note: Do not use a Yahoo email address; you will not get a response from us concerning your submissions. (Yahoo is broken and will not accept emails from us. We are not ignoring your work and are sending you emails but they are being blocked to you. If you send us a new email address (non-yahoo or yahoo administered) we will respond to your submission.)
  • Do not send .docx or pdf files. We do accept .doc, .rtf, .wpd, and .pages attachments for submissions. Do not send encrypted files. We do not accept large rtf files including art. If we want to see art we will ask for it.
  • Art: If you have cover art/or illustrations already available for your books please mention this in your submission as this will save time in the publication process if your book and art are accepted. Also, send a few SMALL scanned versions of your artwork after your email submissions but send artwork samples when asked for it, not before. (Note: you do not need art in order to submit–we have staff artists.) Do not send your only original artwork until you have been contracted with us and if and when we ask for it. We have Dropbox or a large email mailbox for art files, which you will be directed to send jpegs files to.


Manuscript Format:

  • Please format all manuscripts in single line spacing with a blank line between paragraphs.
  • Include your name and email address on the first page of the story (otherwise you may get the story returned to you without us even reading it. The files are separated from the emails, so we have no way of knowing who sent it and what email address it came from!)
  • Do not indent the first line of a paragraph.
  • The manuscript must be in a recognized format  .doc, .RTF, .txt, .wpd . No Word .docx. Do not send Word .docx files- we cannot open them.
  • Make sure that your name and email address are on the first page of the attachment and your attachment is named the name of the story.
  • Please include the your word count.
  • Do not layout into picture book form (story boards) unless you have the artwork included to go with it. (We don’t need to see numerous pages with one line on them.)
  • Please do not use flowery or specialty fonts. Simple Times New Roman, Arial, Verdana, or Courier are fine.
  • Please do not do hard returns at the end of a line like a typewriter unless your work is rhyming. Computers automatically make the break for you. Do not send files that have Track Changes embedded in the file- it will be returned to you.
  • We do not like first person stories or present tense stories. We think they do not work for most of our readers. Some present tense rhyming works- most do not. For us first person stories and present tense stories only work in mysteries- chapbooks for tweens and older readers. All picture book stories should be told in second person.
  • Science Fiction, Fantasy, & Mystery will be considered if age appropriate and encourages children’s imagination and problem solving.

 Children reading on couch

Follow up:

  • Due to the large number of manuscripts that we receive, a minimum acceptance time of 2 months is not uncommon.
  • You will receive a notice that your file has been received. Usually you will receive an acceptance or rejection letter fairly quickly.
  • We generally respond quickly if we like your work. (But don’t assume that we received your submission- email can be quirky at best. We’ve had one submission that sat in limbo and then showed up in our “in mailbox” 6 weeks later!)
  • We try to email a short response back immediately that your submission was received. If you don’t hear from us after a few days then you may be correct in assuming that we did not receive it.
  • If you wish to follow up on your submission, wait a month and then a polite email enquiry is acceptable. We don’t mind answering an email asking if we received it.


Exclusive Publication Process by Guardian Angel Publishing (“GAP”)
1. If Guardian Angel publishes your book, it will be edited by our professional editors, we provide cover art if required and we will format the book for you into all the formats sold on our website and others (if your books suits these formats. Not all books are suited for book Apps for iPad or iPod, iBooks with enhanced ePubs.) We will provide in-house artists to share in the royalties earned on book sales for picture books, story books and some early chapter books with interior art.

2. We promote the book for you in a limited fashion: by selling your book in distribution in a worldwide market; selling your book to schools and libraries through Follett Digital and Library Resources; keep up with the trends of evolving eBook markets and formatting. The Author is expected to send books out for review. Book reviews are an ongoing process and is not limited to the time that the book is first released. But you will be expected to send your story out for reviews and to promote your own work.

3. In return, the version that we edit is ONLY to be sold from our website and its affiliates. Any promotion the author makes should link to our website. (ie: your email signature, links from your website or any online articles that contain your bio, etc.)

4. Please note, there is NO charge for editing and cover art and layout of cover design and interior layout is provided by the publisher. (There is no payment by author to artist unless you take the book elsewhere before the artist’s fee has been paid out by royalties – see artist contract for further explanation.)

5. Picture Books, Story Books & Chapbooks- For eBooks, CDs, DVDs and print paperback or hardback books: the author royalties are 30% of net UNLESS the picture/story book  author/artist is the same person (50% net). For all formats with staff artist PB & SB: the author gets 30% of net and staff artist 20% of net. Chapbooks pay 30% of the net to the author. If Chapbook has b&w art the artist will collect 20% of net for royalties.

6. Guardian Angel will maintain a group email loop where all the authors and artists can share in each others success and experience. GAP maintains a Facebook page, a blog and also has a website for a free online monthly magazine for kids where we feature our authors, artists and books and where kids can play online games, see videos and get free coloring pages and more.

7. We list GAP books at distribution sites for both print paperback and eBook online stores–giving more exposure to your work.  We reserve the right to sell our books from , Barnes&,,  and Follet Digital Services, iTunes, iBooks and many other sites that may be beneficial to our sales efforts.

8. Any promotional activities we undertake are only extended to our published books.

9. Our published books are eligible to be made into any new formats that come along. Guardian Angel Publishing formats the books for the authors. At present our books are formatted in PDF, FLIP books, HTML, Mobipocket, Palm, .LIT, DVDs for TV, CDs for computers, mobile movies with sound for computer handheld devices but not limited to Palm Pilots, Blackberrys, and a new application Apps, for iPads, iPhones and iPods and similar devices with touch screen technology.

10. From time to time our authors may be consulted about the business of Guardian Angel Publishing. Authors may be asked to vote on how they would like certain issues handled (which then becomes company policy). We consider the “published” authors and artists part of the family and they have a voice in the business model as it evolves. The authors and artists consider themselves our “Angels”.

11. We ask that the author applies for his own copyright and to include the artist and whole finished product- “the book” for copyright. This one time fee to the US Copyright Office will protect “the published work” in its final form (the finished book-NOT the collection of words that is prior to publication) and protect the work from infringement past the life of the author. We ask that the author does this so that there is never any dispute that the form was filled out properly or with the correct names and addresses on the form. This requirement is spelled out clearly in the contract.


Print on Demand (POD):

  • Print books are optional.
  • Our children’s Illustrated books have the option of paperback, and those that qualify also may be in hardcover (there is a page limit imposed by the printer). This will be done through our international printer Lightning Source, Inc. and a one time setup fee to the author for this format is $100 US. All yearly fees and other fees are paid by Guardian Angel.
  • These paperback books will be available online at, Barnes and,, and numerous online bookstores distributed to English speaking countries.
  • Our printer has printing facilities in the US, UK , Germany, Paris, Australia, and Brazil allowing us the largest distribution network in the world.
  • We are a publisher. We are not a print-on-demand printer. We are not a vanity press.
  • If you wish for Guardian Angel Publishing to publish your book it must be accepted in the usual manner for exclusive publishing This means it must meet our high standards and pass our internal stringent acceptance and review before we contract for your work, and send our books to Lightning Source, Inc. for printing.


Exclusive Author Contract Samples:
(Note: These contracts are identical to those sent out to the authors unless specific arrangements have been made on an individual basis). sample-contract.htm

If you are an Author wishing to use Guardian Angel Publishing Staff Artists to do the book illustrations you will need to sign the following contract agreement as well:


I hope this is helpful!  Their original guidelines can be found on their website, here.  You’ve got plenty of time to polish that manuscript before June 2015!  Good luck!

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