Free Online Writing Retreat starts tomorrow

I just found out that author Vinita Hampden Wright is offering a free week-long online writing retreat starting tomorrow, September 29, 2014. My first reaction at hearing the news (from a fellow fan of Louisa May Alcott) was that a retreat sounded nice (images of a quiet wooded area and hours of free time to ponder and write). However, in reality, the retreat would have to be tacked on after an 8-hour day at work, and most of my evenings this coming week are not “free”. But I think so highly of this author that I decided to sign up for it and make it a priority. The retreat, part of the Deepening Friendships online community at the website of Loyola Press, also appears to touch on journaling which is of special interest to me right now.


I first “met” Vinita Wright when I read her excellent novel Velma Still Cooks in Leeway. Looking for another of her novels to read, I ran across her non-fiction book The Soul Tells a Story: Engaging Creativity with Spirituality in the Writing Life. As she described her writing life, I felt like she had read my mind. As a result, I was very much encouraged that my quirks and thoughts weren’t as unusual as I’d thought, and could lead to some valuable writing. And even if they were unusual, to have someone of Vinita Wright’s calibre with the same quirks made them seem completely acceptable! I wrote her an email to thank her, and she responded with a warm reply.

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I trust her wisdom, and highly recommend checking out her online presence as well as her books. Hope to see you at the retreat!

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