Calgary’s Biggest Used Book Sales of 2013!

The countdown has begun for my 2 favorite book sales, and both are for good causes.

Tomorrow, May 10, 2013, is the first day of the Calgary READS book sale, an organization that promotes literacy. It is held at the Calgary Curling Club on Memorial Drive across the Bow River from downtown.  Information about location, parking, times and more is here.

There, you can also find a link to their article about how to get the most out of the book sale experience, including bringing a rolling cart for all those wonderful HEAVY books.

And after browsing and searching for a couple months, I have finally found the dates for the SAS Calgary Herald book sale: Friday, June 7 to Sunday June 16, which benefits Servants Anonymous Society.  Here are the details for this sale next month.

This week I have been perusing my already-full book shelves and have been able to take some off that I am willing to part with, in order to make room for new ones, and not the new ones I plan to buy, but new ones I’ve previously bought that have been sitting on my floor–aargh. As usual I do not “need” more books. But this is one of my most enjoyable activities–browsing.

Calgary READS’s sale doesn’t have as many old books as the SAS sale, but of course I’m excited to search for them. That’s half the fun–treasure hunting!  My enthusiasm will be soon be bubbling over into some posts.

I’m sure your areas are also coming alive with used book sales, and I’d love to hear about them!

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